Deadly Warrior Pack

Ut nos semper liberi esse lupis / May we wolves always be free

Welcome to the Pack!

Please check out the rules listed below to see if this wolf role playing website is for you.

               This is Our World

The world we live on now has never been touched by anything other than animal.  No bipedal, hairless species has ever called this planet home.  Animals thrive without knowing the dangers this mythical creature could have created; the destruction it could have caused.  The world is green, the air clear without a hint of polution.  The food chain working as it has been for thousands of years.  In the part of the world that we live in, wolves rank among the top with hardly any other predator to challenge them.


All rules must be followed if you are to remain here.


  •  There is absolutely no bullying.  If I catch anyone bullying another player they will be banished from the website.


  •  Once you have joined and have been accepted by the site owner, you will only have a limited amount of time to get your profile up and running.  If you want to change it around later on you can.


  • You must be active!  A lot of people have made a profile and have not been on in quite some time.  So I will be deleting people that have not been active for more than three weeks.  If you know that you will not be on for a long time all you have to do is message me, an admin, or another pack member and you will not be deleted.


  •  If you have joined and later on decide for whatever reason that you don't want to role play anymore, just let either the site owner, or an admin know so that we can get rid of your profile for you.  Don't just unexpectedly disappear without a word.


  •  Please do not spam the chat boxes.


  •  No power playing.  This means you cannot spam another websites, or even mention another website in the territory chat boxes.  I will put up an area where you can post another website's URL.


  •  No fighting.  If there is a disagreement, please resolve it quickly and without dragging in other players.  If the site owner or an admin is notified of the conflict, both parties involved will be suspended for two days.


  •  There is to be no drama.  This website was created to get away from all of that.  This place is to be an escape from the real world and I plan to keep it that way.


  •  Swearing is allowed only if the player you are role playing with is comfortable with it.
  • Sexual role playing is allowed, again only if the player you are role playing with is comfortable with it.  If anyone has a problem with this rule, please discuss it with me and don't get mad at the people who are only obeying the rules.
  • There is to be no powers and also no cheating.  If you are in a fight, and or possibly killed, just go with it.  You can always make a new character.


  •  Have Fun!


* Message the Site Owner that you have read and understand the rules *